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Outings 2009

Del Valle (Opener)

Fishmeister: Pat Ferguson

When: April 26th and 27th

We are holding the opener at Del Valle for a couple of reasons.  First the status of White Pines is unclear.  White Pines was drained and is being refilled this spring.   We we're sure if it would be ready in time.  It has to finnish filling and then they have to plant it for it to be ready.  Because of this we looked for a new place to hold the opener.  We chose Del Valle because it is close and some of us have been hoping that the club would get around to holding a fishout there.  Heop you all enjoy this one!

Kelsey Bass Ranch

Fishmeister:  Rod Buchanan

When:  May 2nd and 3rd.

Kelsey is a pay to play lake.  There is a $200 fee for this fishout due at signup.  Last year was the first year we did this lake and the reviews were good.  You go in Saturday morning and stay unitl Sunday night.  Bring your camping gear, food, and water as there are no services at the location and the camping is primitive.  This is a limit on the number of people so sign up soon if you want to go.

Kistler Ranch

Fishmeister: Rod Buchanan

When: May 24th

Kistler is a private pay  to play spot.  There is no fee for this one as the club rents the lake for the day for the benefit of the club members.  The club also provides a bar-be-que so bring your appetites.  You should bring some beverages and shade (if you can).  Bring your sunscreen as it can be hot and sunny.  There are a few ponds that contain Bass and Bluegill.  A float tube or pontoon boat is recommended but not required.

Sawmill Lake

Fishmeister: none

When: June 6th

Sawmill Lake is another pay to play lake.  It is located near Lake Tahoe on Northstar-at-Tahoe ski resort property.  The operatore (Joe) maintains a good population of large trout.  You have a good chance of catching a real whopper on this outings.   The cost is $80 with $40 due at signup.

Davis Lake

Fishmeister: Ben Byng, Mike Carlson

When: June 12-14

Davis Lake went through a process to remove the Pike in 2007 and is back!  This time of year the damsel flies are hatching and the fish are biting.  There is a public campgraound that is first come / first served (mostly).  Mike and Ben are going to have a trip planning meeting to go over the logistics.  They will talk about how to get there and what type of equipment to bring.  This should be a great trip, don't miss it.

Upper Stanislaus River

Fishmeister: Ross Slayton

When: June 20th

Ross will show you a couple of nice holes on the middle fork of the Stanislaus up near Dardanells.  This is a beautiful streacth of river that can fish real good. This one should be fun for those that attend.  You can camp at one of several nearby campsites or look into getting a rustic cabin at nearby Kennedy Meadows.

Trapper Slough Night   

Fishmeister: Bruce Germolus / Rod Buchanan
When: July 16th
Trapper Slough is a local water that contains Bass, Bluegill, and Crappie.  Just a few miles north of town alongside Hwy 4.  Parking at the slough is extremely limited (like two car parking) so this will work for a small party that carpools.  If there is enough demand I will schedule more of these.  Why?  Because its close and the fishing is good.

Spicer Reservoir

Fishmeister: George Strickland
When: August 29th
Spicer Reservoir is public water located is a beautiful mountain setting.  Like all still waters the fishing is best from a float tube, pontoon boat, or small boat.  I hope you enjoy this one.

Pit River

Fishmeister: Pit River Dan (Freeman)
When: Sept. 24th-27th
The Pit River trip is one of the highlights of the year.  Dan arranges accomodations in cabins at Camp Pit.  We typically fish the Pit in the morning and Iron Canyon reservior in the afternoon. This is not all, you can take advantage of other nearby opportunities.  There is Hat Creek, Baum Lake, the McCloud river, and Camp Richardson (pay to play) nearby. This is one that should not be missed.

San Luis Stripers  

Fishmeister: Dick Fletcher
When\: October 17th
Dick will meet you at San Luis forebay and fish for stripers.  This one should be a lot of fun.

Lake Amador
Fishmeister: Steve Perierra
When: November 28th
Lake Amador is a nearby foothill resivoir.  There is an entrance fee and a lauch fee but these are not too expensive.  They plant some large fish here so hang on to that rod.  See you there.

Upper Toulomne
Fishmeister: Ross Slayton
When: December 28th
The upper Toulomne near Lumson bridge is the target.  If we can get in there this time of year, we're gonna be fishin it.