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Programs 2009

January 2009: Jeff Currier, Golden Mahseer fishing in India

Jeff will give a talk on his trip to India in pursuit of the mighty Mahseer.  The Mahseer is the largest member of the carp family. Ger more information by visiting Jeff's website at http://www.jeffcurrier.com/downloadfiles/download_files.htm.

February 2009: Mike Wier, Taimen of Mongolia

Mike will talke about his trip to Mongolia to catch the Taimen.  THe Taimen is the largest of the salmonids. He traveds to the extrememly remote territory in his pursuit.  See his website for more nifo ttp://www.burlproductions.com/MikeyBio.htm.

March 2009: Craig Ballinger, Volocano trout of Northern California

Craig gives a presentation on the trout of the Fall, Pit, and McCloud rivers.  This is a great opportunity to find out more about the trout in the north part of the state. Find out more at his website at http://www.craigballenger.com/bio_3.htm.

April 2009: Tim Hutchins, Yosemite tout / spring bass

Tim is a guide in the Bass Lake / Southern Yosemite area.  He will give a presentation on fishing opportunities in that area.  For more information, wee his website http://www.yosemiteflyfishing.net/biocontact.html.

May 2009: Kevin Doran, Largemouth on the Delta

Come see Kevin give a presentation on the fishing in our backyard, the delta.  Largemouth bass fishing is juge in the delta.  If you're not doing it you should try it.  Come see his presenetation.  More info at his website http://www.deltaadventures.com/biography/.

June 2009: Dr. Powers member presentations

June is our meeting in the park month.  We will serve hotdogs and have several mini-presentations going on. Come on out and have fun with us.

July 2009, Craig Nelsen, Switch Rod program / spey-casting techniques

Ever wanted to find out about spey rd techniques.  Well, here's your chance.   Creaig's presentation will cover spey rod techniques.  For more info see his website at http://www.shastatrout.com/ http://www.shastatrout.com/guides/.

August 2009, Jerry Neuburger, bass fishing

Jerry has been fishing the central vally for 55 years and fly fished the area for 25 years.  He has a wealth of knowledge to share.  I'll be there when he's here and I suggest that you come out too.

September 2009, Ken Hanley.

Ken Hanley will be the presenter for September. Ken's program will be on bass.  As of this writing I am not sure f he will be talking about largemouth bass or striped bass.  Personally, I don't care which Ken talks about.  I have attended several of Ken's programs and always enjoy them.

October 2009: Movie Night

We are going to be showing "Rivers of the Lost Coast".  This is a great film about the glory days of steelhead / salmon fishing in California.  Come on out and join us.

November 2009: Mike Costella

Mike will be talking about Delta Stripers.

December 2009: Member slide show

Members will show slide shows of fishing trips taken during the year.  A good way to end the year.