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What's Up 2013

                   What's up?                  


Club Annual Installation Dinner is Saturday January 19th at the Tracy Community Center (950 East St).  Doors open at 4 pm.  This year's event has SOLD OUT.

REMEMBER... There is no Club Meeting this month... see you in February at the Tracy Transit Station.


December 18th is the Club's Annual Meeting of the Membership.  Come and cast your vote for next year's Club Officers.  The meeting will also feature slide show presentations of trips our members made during this previous year.


November 20th:Club Meeting starts at 7:00pm, at the Tracy Transit Station
Guest Speaker for this month's meeting is-
Mark Papazian
 Lost Coast Steelhead
Reminder Installation Dinner tickets will be on sale at the next meeting!
Red crab 



 Check out our October Newsletter, just click the left tab for Newsletter and click open October 2013

October 16th:Club Meeting starts at 7:00pm, at the Tracy Transit Station

Guest Speaker for this month's meeting is-


 Ken Hanley

Ken Hanley
A note from Ken on his program-

If you live in California – and I know you do – there’s no reason to put your gear away for the off season. The Great Golden State doesn’t have an off season! Freshwater, warmwater, saltwater, coldwater, all combine to give a great opportunity to explore year-round with a fly rod. Ken will present his ideas on staying in the game all year long and tipping the scales in your favor.

 Remember to bring protection, if you are planning on sitting in the first 2 rows. Goggles and rain jackets recommended as it could get wet.



September 18th:Club Meeting starts at 7:00pm, at the Tracy Transit Station

Guest Speaker for this month's meeting is-
Anthony Carruesco is a Northern California native who grew up exploring the streams and rivers of the North State fishing for trout and steelhead.  He is a recent graduate of Sonoma State University with a degree in Environmental Science with an emphasis on conservation and restoration.  Anthony held an internship with the Salmon Protection and Watershed Network (SPAWN) and conducted two years of research on Pacific Salmon and steelhead population declines with a focus on the reasons and solutions. He also attended the Sweetwater Guide School in Montana where he graduated at the top of his class. Since Guide School, Anthony has spent summers guiding in Alaska at Wilderness Place Lodge and currently at Kulik Lodge. During the Fall, Winter and Spring months, Anthony calls Redding, CA home.  Anthony’s passion for fly fishing and the outdoors is infectious and his easy going personality and exceptional technical skills are appreciated by all.

Anthony will be speaking about the seasons on The Sac, which is the  "Lower Sac" from Redding to Red Bluff section. It highlights the four seasons and talks about the trout and steelhead opportunities the river provides year round. 




August 21st:Club Meeting starts at 7:00pm, at the Tracy Transit Station

This month's speaker is Jeff Thompson

Jeff has been the executive director at CalTrout since Sept 2010.  He's been a resident of CA since '87 and has fished extensively around the state.  He'll talk a little bit about fishing but primarily will give the club insight into some of the ~35 large scale restoration CalTrout projects around the state:  Hat Creek, Fall River, McCloud, Klamath, Hot Creek / Upper Owens, Eel, and more.  



July 17th:Club Meeting starts at 7:00pm, at the Tracy Transit Station
Casting with the Famous Tony Yap! Come down and get some great advise to improve your casting.
   Tony has been involved in the sport of fly fishing for more than 35 years.  My casting stroke has been described as being smooth and effortless without sacrificing accuracy and distance. 


Our next meeting of the Tracy Fly Fishers will be on Wednesday, June 19th, "Picnic at the Park".

Meeting will be at the Veterans Park, 238 Glenhaven Dr , 4:00 – 8:00pm

(Cooking starts at 5:00)


June 20TH-23RD 2013 - Davis Lake

With the elimination of Pike, Davis was really looking like its old self for last year's fishout... and it can only be getting better!  The goal is to try and hit the famous Davis Damsel Hatch which is almost predictable at this time in June.  Due to the travel distance, we make this a 3 day outing.  Typically club members stay at one of three public campgrounds and get together not only for fishing, but for some good camaraderie and pot luck meals.
Pre meeting will be June 13th (7:30pm) in the Starbucks located inside Safeway on 11th Street. 





May 16th:Club Meeting starts at 7:00pm, at the Tracy Transit Station
Hal  Jansen

Hal Janssen is a nationally known writer, artist, lecturer, and video personality. He has been fly fishing for over 50 years and has fished extensively throughout the North and South America for nearly every species of fresh and salt water fish.  Hal's account of his first steelhead trip was wading wet in the winter because no one made waders for 9 year old kids in 1952.  The old timers from the Golden Gate Casting Club adopted him, setting him up with a shooting head and teaching him to cast.  Hal’s self-confidence and fiery enthusiasm seem to guide him in everything he does. 


This is a not to be missed program!



April 17th: Club Meeting starts at 7:00pm, at the Tracy Transit Station.
  Craig Gitting's  program  "Chile's Patagonia"

Traveling north out of the town of Coyhaique, you transition thru fertile rural valleys and pass thru gated dirt roads onto private pastoral land which in turn gives way in short order to a vast roadless wilderness at a river's edge. Under a canopy of trees, a beret wearing Juan Claudio greets us where three 40-50 horse jet powered pontoon boats await to transport us down river. Our gear is transferred into dry bags while we don our waders and rain gear for the trip down river. For next week, we will fish the river, lakes and lagoons of the Picacho River Valley and not see another soul until evening back at the lodge. Imagine having a whole lake to yourself? Not even another boat? Only in Chile's Patagonia.

Come enjoy the stories at the April club meeting.



March 20th: Club Meeting starts at 7:00pm, at the Tracy Transit Station.

  Gary Howard will present 2 shows.

The first show is the Upper Kern.  In 2004 we went on a trip sponsored by Fish and Game, FFF, Trout Unlimited, and Cal Trout.  The objective of the trip was to collect DNA samples of Golden Trout in the Upper Kern.  We tried to get 40 DNA samples from each of about 20 different locations.  The testing of these samples told us that every Golden Trout planted by the Fish and Game since 1935 was crossed with Rainbow trout.  This is a tough trip.  You park your car at Symmes Creek Trailhead, (5,600 feet) hike 10 miles to Shepard Pass (12,600 feet), and then another 5 miles to the basin.


The second show is of Cottonwood Basin Lakes.  This is the place that the Fish and Game takes eggs and sperm from netted fish and hatch them in their hatcheries.  These are the Golden Trout that have been planted through out the Sierras since 1935.  It is not a tough trip into the Cottonwood Lakes basin.  This is a trip you can do.  You can park your car at 10,000 feet and hike to 11,200 feet in two hours to Cottonwood Basin.  There you have a choice of ten lakes to catch Golden Trout.   

Come on down and sign up for fly fishing and tying classes. Learn how to get free casting instruction once a month from a certified casting instructor! The only way is to show up at the next meeting and see what Tracy Fly Fishers have to offer. Everyone is welcome to join us.


check the TFF Events Calendar for more info on any date shown below

THANKS to one and ALL of you that attended this year's Installation Dinner!  You all had a hand in making it another HUGE success !!
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Congratulations to Pat Ferguson and his award of being named the 2012
Fly Fisher of the Year!
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Congratulations also to Mark McLean and his award of being named the 2012
Dry Fly Award recipient!
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See you in FEBRUARY at the first Club Meeting of 2013
Ernie Gully will present "Crowley Lake Fishing Tactics"
Meeting starts at 7:00pm  Club Meeting at the Tracy Transit Station
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 Check out the latest Newsletter for February, just hit the "Newsletter" tab on the left.

Now is also a great time to renew your membership for 2013.