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Education 2011

'Introduction To Fly Fishing'

Saturday, August 20 9am - 3pm

This is a stream-side instructional course covering all aspects in the sport of Fly Fishing.

The course is recommended for those who are new to the sport or for those who want to brush-up on their skills. Class is recommended for members and their families 12 years and older.

ALL STUDENTS MUST BRING A HAT and SAFETY GLASSES (or sun glasses/eye glasses).

The course is a 6-hour class covering:


o     History of Fly Fishing

o     Equipment

                       - Rods

                       - Fly Lines

                       - Leaders/Tippets

o     Accessories

                      - Waders

                      - Footwear

                      - Vests

                      - Gadgets

                      - Float Tubes

o     Flies

                      - Fly Selection

                      - Dries

                      - Wets

                      - Specialty


o     Basic Knots

                      - Surgeons knot

                      - Surgeons Loop

                      - Nail Knot

                      - Cinch Knot

o     Basic Entomology

                      - Caddis Lifecycle

                      - Mayfly Lifecycle

                      - Other Aquatics

                      - Terrestrial(s)

o     Basic Casting

                      - Forward cast

                      - Back cast

                      - Roll cast

                      - Casting Techniques

o     Destinations/Places to go

o     Safety


All students are encouraged to bring personal equipment (rods, etc.) for Q&A.

All students are encouraged to bring a lunch and drinks

For more information, please contact Rick Clemens at 209-346-2765 or r.m.clemens@gmail.com