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Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame recognizes the contributions of individuals to the club. We recognize individuals at the annual Installation Dinner which is now better known simply as the "Crab Feed".  Two Presidential awards are presented at the dinner.  The "Fly Fisher of the Year" is awarded to an individual who has made significant contributions to the club.  The "Dry Fly" award is given to a member who has significantly improved their fly fishing skills in a big way... in other words, the most improved fly fisher.

In addition to the "Fly Fisher of the Year" and "Dry Fly" awards, the club can also recognize other individuals for contributions made over a sustained period of time.  We are a relatively young club and as such we haven't done this to a large extent.  We began this tradition in 2008 when we recognized Sandy Leo for her contributions to the club as Conservation chair for a number of years. That year we instituted a Trout in the Classroom project and appropriately named it the "Sandy Leo Trout in the Classroom Project" in honor of her service !

Our Golden Trout award recognizes fly fishers that have demonstrated a well rounded mastery of our sport. Applicants are required to demonstrate competency in several areas including: fly tying, rod building, conservation, casting and authorship among others.


Golden Trout Recipients


John Kraschinsky


Mike Carlson


Steve Perriera


Cliff Sullivan


Christopher Del Dotto


  Jeff Del Dotto





 Fly Fisher of the Year

 Dry Fly Award

 1997/98 Rich Lobrovich  
 Chuck Sterni
 1999 Corey Cate
 Steve Potter
 2000 Chuck Sterni
 Chuck Robbins
& Rick Clemens
 Dan Freeman
 2001 Dave Williams/
Rich Lobrovich
 Bonnie Small
 2002Rick Clemens
 Jim Peterson
 Steve Perriera
 2003 Jim Peterson
 Cliff Sullivan
 2004 Steve Perriera
 Ben Byng
 2005 John Kraschinsky
 Rick Clemens
 Chris Del Dotto
 2006 Mike Carlson
 Steve Perriera
 Rod Buchanan
 2007 Dan Freeman
 Mike Carlson
 Kenny Buntjer
 2008 Steve Potter
 Rod Buchanan
 Ross Slayton
 2009 Rod Buchanan
 Bruce Germolus
 Stan Elijah
 2010 Bruce Germolus
Stan Elijah
Bob Kiffin
 2011 Stan Elijah
 Corey Cate
 2012 Ben Byng
 Pat Ferguson
 Mark McLean
 2013 Steve Holtzclaw
 Mark McLean
 Jeff Fadden
 2014 Mark McLean
Steve Potter
Cathy Hiromoto
 2015 Chuck Sterni
 Mike Carlson
 Bob Kiffin
 2016 Mike Carlson
Paul Gamache
 Dave Hiromoto
 2017 Dave Hiromoto
Jeff Fadden
 2018 Stan Elijah Steve Potter Kevin Ochs