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Fly Fishing Basics

Looking for resources on HOW TO's?  Here are some ways for you to find your answers:

Learn To Cast Or Improve Your Casting

Casting with respect to distance and delivery of the fly play an important role in catching fish. You will not catch fish that you cannot reach. This video best explains why. How about increasing your odds? This video shows why one should not wait until you get to your destination to work on your casting. 

Chuck Robbins can provide you with the fundamentals, minus the airfare, with the casting part prior to any trip. So, why not take advantage of it? The club’s only Certified Casting Instructor provides instruction, from basic introduction to improving your loops and double haul for any and all that seek him out. Casting instruction with Chuck Robbins is available on the fourth Thursday of every month after daylight savings kicks in from 6:00 pm until dark at Dr. Powers Park. If you are interested in improving upon your present casting skill set, Chuck is happy to assist. You can contact Chuck at 209 835-7812 or his cell number at 209 471-5931. 

Click here >>   http://www.orvis.com/orvis_assets/files/index.html   For Knot Tying

For some great Fly Tying videos... featuring some of our very own Master Tyer's... Click here >>   Ben Byng and Steve Potter

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