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What"s Up 2018

October's Guest Speaker is
Captain Mike Costello

August 12, 1990, changed my life.

Dressed in neoprene waders and a fishing vest loaded with flies, I accompanied two anglers on the frigid waters of the Frying Pan River in Colorado and provided them the opportunity to catch trout on a fly rod, and I got paid!

So began this magnificent odyssey of fulfilling my dream as a fly fishing guide. Over twenty six years later the passion still flows through my veins with a vigor that is relentless and innovative. My heart thumps when a client hooks into a fish, and “set, set, set, set” will always be part of my vocabulary.

Fly fishing is my life and guiding is my career. Each day I look forward to going to work, seeing old friends, and creating new memories. I look forward to seeing you out on the water!

                                      Fish Hard, Captain Mike Costello

Captain Mike's program will be on the Delta

September's Guest Speaker is
David Yee

Ornithology? One has difficulty in just pronouncing the word much
less understanding its meaning. And you thought entomology was hard to
pronounce. It is a game of silent observation very similar to fly
fishing. David’s program will be on “Birds of the Delta”.

The San Joaquin Delta is home to a diverse number of birds, many of
w h i c h r a t h e r u n i q u e a n d specialized. David , who has
studied these birds all of his life, will touch on some of these bird and
discuss what makes them special.

David started watching birds at the
age of 10. He pursued bird studies at UC Santa Cruz and teaches
classes and leads bird walks and tours to this day. David comes from
an entrepreneurial family and has a wide business background. But, his
passion is birds, bird study and environmental education.

August's Guest Speaker is
Sam Sedillo

Sam will update us on Trout Unlimited projects as well as works on public lands.

Ben Byng will share his thoughts on what we can do for

Meanwhile, Sam's fish should be enticement enough to show up to the meeting to hear Sam disclose the location of this catch.

Tracy Fly Fishers - May Club Meeting

Dennis Lee


Summer Steelhead
Northern California and Southern Oregon Fly Fishing

This program highlights fly fishing for summer steelhead on Northern California’s Klamath and Trinity rivers, and Southern Oregon’s Rogue and Umpqua rivers.

Much of the information in the program comes from Dennis’ book, The Half-Pounder, A Steelhead Trout Life History and Fly Fishing. The book is a limited edition of 500 signed and numbered copies, 240 pages, full color hardback book, describing the origin of steelhead and half-pounder names; steelhead evolution, distribution, and life history; important half-pounder rivers; fly fishing equipment and presentations; and historical and current flies used to catch half-pounders.

  Dennis is an avid steelhead fly angler and caught his first half-pounder from the Eel River in 1968. He began tying flies while attending Humboldt State University where he obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in Fisheries in 1970.

 Dennis began his 36-year career with the California Department of Fish and Game at the Nimbus Fish Hatchery helping spawn and rear Chinook salmon and steelhead, he retired from the Department in 2006 as a Supervising Fishery Biologist.  He also acted as the Department’s liaison to the Klamath and Trinity Restoration Advisory Committee and the Director’s Sport Fishery Board.

    Dennis is a Past-President of the California-Nevada Chapter and of the Western Division of the American Fisheries Society. Dennis continues to work with the Department of Fish and Wildlife as a Retired Annuitant and is a member of Hatchery Coordination Teams for the Feather River, Nimbus, and Mokelumne River fish hatcheries. He and his wife Wendy live in Folsom and continue to fish for steelhead in northern California and southern Oregon, and tie flies.

Tracy Fly Fishers - April Club Meeting

John Sherman

John Sherman’s program will be “Elevate Your Delta Fly Game”

John is no stranger to these parts, residing in Discovery Bay. Together with Mike Costello, they put out the first and only fly fishing book dedicated to the California Delta, “Fly Fishing the Delta”.

Fly fishing has been a life long passion for John as he learned to tie flies at Buzz’s in Visalia at the age of 8 and where he grew up. Another passion of John Sherman is photography. His photos in his presentation should provide some pop and dazzle, if not good examples and style of photography for the alert observer.

John is the Simms Fishing Products and Hatch Outdoors Sales rep for California, Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii. You can check out our guest speaker via the web at the following links: California Fly Fisher article, as well as Simms’ Venturing Angler’s article.

 Tracy Fly Fishers - March Club Meeting

Al Smatsky

  Encouraged by a lifelong friend and fishing buddy over 45 years ago, Al purchased his first fly rod for a trip to the Yuba River for shad.  From that point on, he was hooked for life.  Back then, there wasn’t an abundance of help for the beginner, so during the winter Al would dream up new shad patterns for the next year's run.  Some worked and some didn’t.  Since that time, Al has been fishing from Alaska to South America in pursuit of most fresh and saltwater species.

  In 1977, Al joined the Delta Fly Fishers and quickly made friends with anglers that shared the same interest.  As an active board member and past-president, the club grew to over 100 members, which it still maintains.  As the Program Chairman for over twenty years, he had the opportunity to meet many wonderful and talented fly fishermen which help him expand his knowledge of our sport.  In 2003 he was awarded the honor of “Life Member” for his faithful membership and service to the Delta Fly Fishers.   

  Al has always been an avid traveler and planned trips to Alaska for himself and his friends starting back in the early “80’s”.  In 1989, Al made his first bonefishing trip to Christmas Island and since then he has been  hooked on saltwater fly fishing.  His belief is that a fishing trip should be more than just “fishing”, it should be an experience.  With an inspiring partner, Jerry Neuburger, they started, Al & Jerry’s Excellent Adventures, which they operated until to 2000.  After that time, Al became the sole owner of, Excellent Adventures, specializing in hosted and un-hosted fly fishing trips to affordable destinations from Alaska to South America.  Over the years, hundreds of anglers have used Excellent Adventures for their travel plans.

  Al currently guides solely for American Shad in Central California and considers himself just another fly fisherman with lots of experience that he would like to share with other anglers.

     In the picture above, Al is the guy on the left and that ain't no Shad!  

               Come join us this month for Al's program "Shad on the Fly"

Tracy Fly Fishers - February Club Meeting

This month only, join us on the FOURTH Thursday of February
(the 22nd) for the monthly club meeting. 

This month's guest speaker will be Jeff Currier who is in town for the Fly Fishing Show (Friday the 23th - Sunday the 25th) at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton.

Jeff will be presenting one of his popular programs...

Four Seasons of the Yellowstone Trout Bum

Yellowstone National Park and its surrounding waters offer some of the best trout fly fishing in the world.  For this reason Jeff Currier has made Yellowstone his backyard for nearly thirty years.

Jeff knows where to be in Yellowstone at the right time.  He knows the hatches and the best fly patterns.  Join Jeff as he leads you through the calendar year of a trout bums life on these fabled waters with breathtaking photos of beautiful fish, great scenery and wildlife that most of us can only dream of.